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The O.N.E. Records

From Many, The O.N.E.!

The B.O.B.O.S.-Black Owned-Black Operated Store

  For too long, the power of the Black dollar has been used to contribute to a system of oppression that has a stranglehold on Black people, economically and otherwise. The failed promises of government through the ideas of integration and affirmative action, has led to high rates of impoverishment, as well as in a extreme decrease in Black wealth, largely, stimulated through the many Black owned businesses of the time. This loss means of self sustainability of the Black families allowed us to unknowingly become target to the psychological basis of advertisement known as propaganda. With this tool, the Black consumer power is now a weapon against it's own people. 

  The B.O.B.O.S. (Black Owned-Black Operated Store) is a one of a kind retail store, inspired by a commitment to shining light on majority Black owned and operated businesses and the products they create.

  This ancient wonder of the world was a symbol of the great economy of the Egyptian/Kemetic empires. Julius Caesar stated that the capture of this great architectural structure was key in defeating Ptolemy XIII's armies in 48 B.C. This is due to the ability to import and export, or practice commerce, in other words. Our ability to regain our economical culture is vital in the survival our people all over the world. The B.O.B.O. Store is a marketplace built with this vision. We are here to lead the efforts to "take back the lighthouse" of our society, signaling a change back to economic power once experienced by the African culture.

  If you would like to support the B.O.B.O. Store, we ask that you sign up for our newsletter. Just fill out the contact form. Feel free to leave info about your background and interests in the B.O.B.O. Store. We are currently looking for majority Black owned-operated manufacturers to work with, as well as business/marketing professionals, investors, volunteers and supporters. 

  We are proud to launch our crowdfunding campaign to further our goals and making the B.O.B.O. Store an household name in every Black home and beyond. You can donate, today, by visiting us at Please, share this page on all your social media pages, groups, and profiles. Also, please, follow us at We thank you for you interest and support.